Technology and Senses

Technology is all around us. We may not realize it but we use technology a lot more than we think. Some of us use it more than others. For example, I wear glasses so I’m using a type of technology. I’m using this particular technology to enhance one of my five senses, sight. My eyes are bad and without glasses everything would be blurry. However, with my glasses, my eyesight is enhanced and I am capable of using my flawed sense of sight. Much like I use glasses to enhance my sense of sight, other people use other types of technologies to enhance their senses. There are hearing aids for people who cannot hear well, and there are also prosthetic parts, which can enhance the sense of tact.

Television is one of the most popular technological creations others and I use. With a television, we can gain physically see different cultures and see how an issue affects other states or countries. Not only does the television allow us to physically see these things, it also provides us a different point of view of how people from different cultures live their life, as we can see their daily lives or common traditions from their own eyes and how they perceive them. The television was a great innovation that has allowed mankind to be able to display and pass on different cultures and traditions. An example for me would be anime. Animes are Japanese cartoons that I watch in my spare time. Even though these may be animated and fictional, they do give an insight as to how people in the Japanese culture live their daily lives.

Another example of a visual device that can broaden your minds and world are movies. Movies, much like animes, give you an insight of how a culture is like and how people behave, but on a much larger scale. Not only is a movie much like an anime, but also a movie is much more extreme. A movie can come from literally anywhere whereas an anime is mostly just Japanese and Asian. Movies, unlike anime, are actual human actors, not voice actors so by observing their behaviors and the way they carry themselves can also say a lot about how their culture is. Movies also allow us to see different parts of the earth, which allows us to appreciate the different environments, communities, civilizations, and societies there are around the world.

A cameras shot angle, or perspective can enhance a scene in many interesting ways and angles can sometimes fool your audience.” In movies, the actual angle itself is important. By changing the angle of the camera you give the character a certain role. By “shooting a character from slightly above eye level with the camera pointing down can give them the innocent look of a child, make them appear harmless or subordinate to another character in the scene.” Likewise by “shooting a character from a low angle, with the camera looking up at them can make them appear bigger-than-life, confident, important or even a bully.” This means that perspective can easily be changed using a simple mechanism. So in reality perspective is really what we are shown but may not necessarily be the truth.

Computers have extraordinary powers to take us places without having to move. Computers in this day and age are an “almost every day use for individuals of every age.” They can transfer all sorts of information round the world in seconds. A picture of a mountain, an article about injustice, a video about cute animals. Many things can be shared via computers but not only that, they also assist in communicating important events. “Computers are also used in the medical industry to help doctors in diagnosing the diseases quickly and efficiently.” We might take computers for granted but they’re a great tool for information and when everyone around the world is connected we can experience different perspectives and views on the world.


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